Cookie gift Baskets and other ideas for your Girlfriends

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are inseparable. So are you and your girlfriends. Each one of them has their own unique way of being special. That specialty should be your cue when the time comes and you have to present them with a gift.

Carrie, the dreamer

The Carrie Bradshaws of your life are best described as the eternal romantics. They latch onto every ray of hope and always place a positive spin on everything. If only you could pack bundles of reassurance and positive energy and gift it to them in a wedding gift basket. What you can do instead is gift them a gourmet gift basket that is filled with goodies such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other sweet treats. This they can enjoy while they are going through a long day dreaming session, which they do at least once in a day!

cookie gift baskets

Miranda, the mirror

Miranda is the friend who is the mirror. She is the reality check that you need to take from time to time. Flowers are not her thing but as her friend it is up to you to pamper her feminine side because she is mostly too busy to bother with such things. A gift basket for women that is loaded with things that will pamper her is a good idea. Bath salts, scented candles, body scrubs, oodles of moisturizers and a fluffy robe packed in a basket are an indulgence she truly deserves.

Samantha, the sixteen year old

Now the Samanthas of your life are hard to come by, and in no way is one similar to the other. They all have their unique quirks that define who they are and make them stay your friends forever. If this girlfriend of yours does decide to build a home and settle down you should totally help her do so. No matter how impulsive she comes across to you, you know that you admire every choice that they make. A wedding gift basket for her should be assembled in such a way that it always reminds her of her sense of adventure. She will definitely love a plaque or a statue that signifies her independence.

cookie gift baskets

Charlotte, the home maker

They are seamlessly built to stay at home, raise a family and create an efficient household that you are envious of. Their dreams have always involved being the perfect wife and mother. Their biggest concerns sometimes are finding the perfect nanny, or not being able to arrange a luxury vacation! You can easily gift them a gourmet cookie gift basket. Or even a DIY basket that helps them keep things organized will make them love you all the more.


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