Sympathy gifts for bereaved neighbour

Being a good neighbor means that you show your support through thick and thin. Especially when your neighbor experiences a loss of life in their family. There is so much you can do to show your support and offer your care.

Here are 4 sympathy gifts that you can give to offer your condolences.

Cookie gift baskets

When someone is grieving the best way to show your support is by giving them their space. Instead of always being there and offering them words of advice, it is better to let them be alone and process all that has happened with them. This does not mean that you should be aloof to them. In the meantime, when you come to know of the death, you can send out a cookie gift basket with a handwritten note to show your support and offer your immediate commiserations.

cookie gift baskets

Chocolate brownies

Food is the best way to show you care and express your sympathies. It is also a very traditional gift given during such times. Also during these times people do not feel like eating and skip meals as a part of the grieving process, which is harmful to their health. Be a good neighbor by baking them some chocolate brownies, a tray of lasagna or sending over some sandwiches from time to time.

chocolate brownies


Flowers are the most common sympathy gifts that are sent across to bereaved people. But since flowers have such a short shelf life and managing so many bouquets can prove to be cumbersome, many bereaved families opt for the ‘in lieu’ of flowers way. That does not mean that they be deprived of the beauty of flowers. You can easily gift them a flower bonsai that they can plant in their garden or even bring them an indoor plant.

Prayer meet

Your bereaved neighbor will be surrounded by friends and family for the initial few days. It is best to give them time with their relatives and friends. Being surrounded by these people will help your neighbor grieve. However, the toughest times are when all the guests leave. So you can be a good neighbor by offering to organize a small prayer meet or condolence meet in the neighborhood at your house a few weeks after the death. It is best that you inform your neighbor that you would like to organize such a meet and that other neighbors are willing to come and show their support.


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