After receiving a Gourmet Gift Basket

As a professional you receive many emails in a day that express gratitude towards you that you sometimes read and sometimes don’t. The fastest way to make a positive impression is with a handwritten note.

You receive many corporate gifts that you should say thank you for. Express your gratitude for all of them with a meaningfully written thank you note.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before putting your pen to paper.

Thank You Gift Baskets
Thank You Gift Baskets

Customized stationery

When someone takes out the time to gift you something like a gourmet gift basket, they are showing their thoughtfulness by carefully assembling a present that you will appreciate. Return the favor by writing a thank you note using customized stationery. It will enable the receiver to distinguish your note from the rest that they may receive. The other advantage is that it adds that extra flair of personalization.

Follow a structure

Address the person that you are sending out the note to for their corporate gifts appropriately. Avoid using first names and nick names if you are writing to a colleague you are not very well acquainted to.  Start with expressing your gratitude. Try and always specify the gift that you received. Tell the person what you intend to do with it or how much you enjoyed it. Express yourself by saying that you would love to keep in touch with them. Emphasize your gratitude again and then sign off.

Gourmet Gift Baskets
Gourmet Gift Baskets

A note not a letter

Always remember that a note should not be too long and laborious to read. Avoid narrating the entire process of how you received the gourmet gift basket or any other gift, what you did with it and so on and so forth. Stick to the structure listed above. Also, avoid recollecting every occasion that you shared. A compliment is appropriate but not a recap of the incident.

A well-thought out thank you note will not fail to make an impression. It will only strengthen your relationship with that individual. An acknowledgement will go a long way. So go on and write a handwritten note. For all you know, the person may cherish it and keep it for years to come.


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