Corporate gift ideas for your clients

Clients and customers are extremely valuable to an organization. Maintaining good client relations is essential for a long lasting association. The easiest way to build a better relationship with your clients is to present them with thoughtful gifts on special occasions. Here are a few gifting ideas that are perfect for clients.

Pen set

A pen set consisting of an ink pen, an ink pot and a ball point pen is a classic corporate gift idea for clients. This gift will never go out of style.  There are so many variations that it is quite easy to find an option that will suit your client’s style and preference. A pen set is especially viable if your organization has a large portfolio of clients that you need to send gifts to. A pen can be used for more than just writing, if you can get a variant with a USB device that has a considerable storage capacity to present to your clients.

corporate gifts
corporate gifts

Gourmet gift basket

Another classic corporate gift idea is a customized gourmet gift basket. A gourmet gift basket can contain a lot of things. It can be a tea basket that can contain a variety of herbal and floral tea leaves, or a spa basket. If it is a basket that contains eatables, always ensure that it has a mixture of flavors. Everybody likes the classics like perfectly baked cupcakes, cookies, cakes and brownies to name a few. Plus this gift can be shared by the client with their team making it an effective gift.

Gourmet gift basket
Gourmet gift basket

Table clock with multiple time zones

A beautiful table clock that displays multiple time zones is also a gift that your client will appreciate. You can add to the value of this gift if you can find a table clock that is multi-purpose as well. So your client can stock their stationary in it, or a table clock with a planner, or one with a phone charging docket and charger are wise bets.

Leather portfolio

Every executive needs a portfolio that can contain his notepad or tablet, pens, business cards and other documents in a compact case that is trendy and easy to carry. A plush leather portfolio will win you favor from your clients. They will be reminded of you every time they use it, which is probably often. It is a unique corporate gift that is both utilitarian and sophisticated at the same time.

Crystal cube paperweight or showpiece

Present your client with an exquisitely crafted crystal cube. Your clients can use them as a paperweight on their desk or even as a showpiece. The best feature of this unique corporate gift is that you can easily get it customized to match your preferences.

It is always advisable to send out all your corporate gifts especially to your clients with a well thought out and meaningful handwritten note. It adds that personal touch and makes a positive impression.


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