Different container options for bakery gift baskets

Special occasions demand for a variety of gift baskets. They come wrapped prettily with a range of products. From eatables to health related products, gift baskets are an easy yet wonderful token. You can choose to buy gift baskets online or assemble them yourself.

Assembling a gift basket is not as difficult as you might think. Simply bake up a storm and assemble the goodies in a hamper of your choice. Bakery gift baskets and other hampers usually come in baskets made from cane. But there are a variety of other containers that you can use to assemble a delightful hamper. Here is a list of things that you can use instead of the usual baskets, which are fun and equally beautiful.

Red Velvet Classic Dessert Cake!

  • Glass jars

Glass jars are the new favorites of all gourmet chefs. From serving up smoothies to deconstructed pies, jars are the new rage of the gastronomical world. You can just as well easily use them in your households to present your gifts in. If you are assembling a family gift basket, it is important that you sterilize the jars. Boil water in a large vessel and add two-three tablespoons of white vinegar or citric acid in it. Turn off the heat and immerse the jars and let them stay for half an hour. Remove them carefully and dry them with a clean kitchen towel and use as per your convenience.

  • Trays

If cane baskets have become boring for bakery gift baskets, use trays as an alternative. Trays come in a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, wood and even cane. Pick a tray in a solid color or in a beautiful print according to the kind of hamper you want to assemble. Decorate it with ribbons and twine and put your goodies in them to present it to your loved ones.

  • Pots

Use clay pots for family gift baskets. A clay pot can be easily sterilized with the help of liquid detergent. After washing the clay pots you can easily line it with tin foil or cling wrap before you start putting in your goodies.

  • Bowls

Large plastic bowls or old glass bowls that have chipped act as good holders for your bakery gift baskets.  You can easily camouflage the chips and scratches with a few decorations such as small paper flowers or bows in bright colors.

Peanut Butter Cookies

  • Jute containers

Jute containers are a 100% natural product and are a good substitute for cane baskets. They can be painted or dyed in various colors. Jute holders can be reused multiple times and are durable. Sympathy gifts can be easily wrapped in jute containers.


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