Cookie gift baskets and other gifts for pet memorial services

Someone very wisely said that, “Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.” The loss of a beloved pet is traumatic for pet owners. However, navigating the social niceties of such a singular occasion can be quite challenging.

thank you gift basket
thank you gift basket

Expressing your condolences is usually most appropriate, however if the pet owner is a close friend or relative then sympathy gifts are an effective way to express your sympathy. Choosing an appropriate gift may be tricky. Here’s a list of gifts that you may want to present your loved ones on the death of a pet.

  • Mugs embossed with pictures

It is easy these days with the help of various social media networking sites to obtain a good picture. Use the picture of the pet, or even a picture that has your friend and their pet and get it embossed on a mug. Offering a warm beverage container such as a mug with the pet’s picture makes a good sympathy gift.

  • Inspirational quote plaque

Words can be comforting and a repetition of such words may prove helpful. Get a plaque or a frame that has an inspirational quote on it to lessen the bereaved person’s grief.

cookie gift baskets
cookie gift baskets
  • Cookie gift baskets

You can never go wrong with carefully assembled cookie gift baskets. These hampers come loaded with treats such as cookies, jams, marmalades, muffins, cupcakes, etc. Cookie gift baskets can be replaced with a tea hamper if your loved ones enjoy tea. Herbal teas are known to be comforting during tough times.

  • Soft toys

People who own pets love to cuddle with them and play with them. After the loss of a pet, a person misses the warmth of an embrace. For these reasons, soft toys prove to be thoughtful sympathy gifts that may help your loved ones recover from their loss.

  • Snow globe

A snow globe almost always manages to bring a smile to people’s faces. Presenting a person with a snow globe is a great idea, especially if it is customized. Get the name of the pet and your friend inscribed on the base of the snow globe, or even get a meaningful quote etched on it. If you feel that a snow globe is not enough, you can always present a cookie gift basket along with it.


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