Sugar and chocolate rich gift baskets for women

According to research, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects 25 million Americans, a larger portion of whom are women. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for increasing stress in humans. It’s presence in varied levels cause depressions of various kinds. The prescribed cure to which is consumption of serotonin. The easiest source of serotonin in your body is the consumption of sugar.

gourmet gift baskets
gourmet gift baskets

Serotonin cures depression

The advantage of consuming sugar is that it produces serotonin. It is a mood enhancer. Serotonin is responsible for uplifting your mood and providing confidence. While you can’t exactly open the sugar jar and eat it by the spoonful, a good way to get your daily level of serotonin is by ordering gourmet gift baskets that will contain sugary delights made with healthy ingredients. It will also give you a boost of confidence and a lot of happiness.

A Swedish study has affirmatively concluded that if women consume chocolate the size of two chocolate bars every week, it reduces the chance of a heart attack by 20%. The study further goes onto prove that chocolates are responsible for reducing blood clots, which will result in smoother blood flow in the body.

Gift baskets for women that contain chocolate cookies, cupcakes, rugelach and brownies among other delectable sugary and chocolate delights are a good way for women to get their dose of chocolate. These treats can be easily selected and ordered online, whether you want to treat your best friend or indulge in some chocolaty goodness yourself!

gift baskets for women
gift baskets for women

Chocolate scientifically makes you happy

It is a well-known fact that chocolates release endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones that are released by the brain when people are happy. The aroma of chocolate itself affects brain chemistry in a positive way. Women especially have to adhere to many limitations regarding the food they eat. For the better part of the month they have to eat clean. Which means less red meat, dairy products but lots of fibre and protein. However every few days, indulging in a few delicious sweet treats can help regulate hormones and keep those awful sugar cravings at bay.

In addition to these, chocolates have a lot of other advantages. They contain flavonoids which are full of anti-oxidants. Chocolate also works wonders for your skin and are being used in cosmetics as well.

And most importantly chocolate and sugar are deeply associated with childhood. Most people have memories of their loved ones baking goodies for them. Mothers all over the world have fed their children cookies and cake for generations, so they can’t possibly be all that bad.


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