Birthday cupcakes are an excellent choice for a kid’s birthday

Planning a kid’s birthday party is always fun; selecting cakes, decorating the venue, playing games and great food are all part of the reason. Birthday parties are incomplete without a cake and when it comes to cakes for kids, the options are endless. But traditional trends associated with birthday parties for kids are now changing. More and more people are trying to make this special day as unique as possible for their kids. The latest in a long line of changes is replacing traditional birthday cakes with cupcakes and this trend is being adopted by people around the world.

birthday cupcakes
birthday cupcakes

When it comes to birthday cakes, kids are very selective and often get confused while choosing a shape or flavor. And when it comes to cake you have to narrow your choices down to a single flavor which some might like while other won’t. In order to provide everyone with the flavor of their choice, buying birthday cupcakes instead is a sensible option. Although they look small there are many benefits to choosing an array of cupcakes over a single traditional cake for your kid’s birthday party.

birthday gift baskets
birthday gift baskets

As mentioned earlier the most important benefit is that every guest gets to select the flavor they like. Secondly, kids usually tend to fight over who gets the larger piece, with cupcakes everyone will get a fair share. With cupcakes one can be as creative as they want, for example cupcakes can be topped with decorations related to superheroes or even Disney princess. These tiny treats also minimize mess and are easier to handle for little children.

As a fun activity you can also order plain cupcakes with frosting and decorations separately so that kids can decorate their own cupcakes under adult supervision. Birthday cupcakes are not only a cheaper alternative but they are also easier to make. So even if you plan to bake the cupcakes at home, it is a practical choice and after seeing that huge smile on your kid’s face you will know how creative, unique and special this party was for them.

The tradition of party favors has also evolved over the years. After the party is over you can give the guests cute birthday gift baskets instead of other traditional options. You can prepare your own baskets filled with chocolates and small toys or order some online which will be delivered to your place, making party planning a hassle free affair.


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