Gift baskets make great corporate gifts

There was a time when companies stuck to the conventional idea of gifting their employees’ stationary or gift vouchers. Some opted for chocolates while others considered something simple like a bottle of wine. However with today’s changing cultural landscape, corporate gifts need to be thoughtful, respectful of various personal beliefs and gender neutral. Considering all these aspects, choosing a gift that employees will actually appreciate can be a fairly challenging task.

Gourmet gift baskets
Gourmet gift baskets

Gourmet gift baskets are a boon in situations like these. Not only do they fit into all the required criteria but they are also cost effective and well suited to a broad range of gifting situations and can be tailored to suit employees, colleagues and clients alike.

Why gourmet gift baskets are great for the workplace:

  • This is a great gifting idea as it helps in fostering positive business relationships. There is nothing like confectionery to set the tone for the happy beginning of a partnership or endeavour.
  • When a company sends a gift basket as a gesture, it is telling an employee that he or she is valued and that their contribution is appreciated.
  • The beauty of gourmet gift baskets is that they are universally loved. Almost every culture speaks the language of food, especially good food. Which is why a gift basket will be appreciated a lot more than other conventional gifts.

    corporate gifts
    corporate gifts

When sending a gift basket as a corporate gift, keep the following in mind.

  • Think about the kind of gift basket you want to send and how it reflect your company’s ethos and personality. A young fun and vibrant company might want to consider a cookie gift basket, while an older more serious firm like a law firm might want to consider coverture chocolate instead.
  • Make sure that the right message accompanies your gift basket. The wrong name, or wrong occasion can be disastrous while a lack of message will make the gift look cold and impersonal.
  • Make sure you double check for any food related allergies or religious beliefs before sending across a gourmet gift basket.
  • Don’t wait for an occasion. It might be a great idea to surprise colleagues or employees with gift baskets just to show your appreciation. It is a great way for a team to bond and to nurture an atmosphere of kindness and kinship.
  • When gifting employees try to gift everyone gift baskets that are the same size or value so that no one feels left out or under appreciated.

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